3D Point Clouds

Point Cloud

Superior National Forest

High-resolution photogrammetric point clouds are used for forest modeling

Point Cloud

SNF - Rookie Lake

A lake in Superior National Forest with significant emergent aquatic vegetation. UAS imagery derived point cloud.

Point Cloud

Cloquet Forestry Center - Fisher

A photogrammetric point cloud of a multi-use site at the Cloquet Forestry Center that is being managed for Fisher habitat

Point Cloud

SNF - Height normalized

Height normalized point cloud

Point Cloud

SNF - Lookout A

Mixed forest region in Superior National Forest. High diversity of tree species creates an interesting landscape.

Point Cloud

Spruce Study Plot

A grid of spruce trees are used for treatment testing

Point Cloud

UMN - Minneapolis

East and West banks of the Minneapolis campus

Point Cloud

UMN - St. Paul Fall

2016 Fall imagery collection of the St. Paul campus.

Point Cloud

Middle River

The Middle River follows a sinuous fluvial pattern as it flows into Lake Superior in Northern Wisconsin.

Point Cloud

Timber Harvest Area

A timber harvest in the Superior National Forest. Monitoring tree regeneration in harvested areas is an important part of sustainable forestry.

point cloud

SNF Lookout Height

Height normalized point cloud composite of three missions. Oct 4, 2017.

point cloud

St. Michael's

St Michael's cemetery in Stillwater, MN. This point cloud is a combination of UAS derived points and lidar ground points

Point Cloud

CFC East 2018

The Cloquet Forestry Center is a University research center

point cloud

HWRC Grounds

The Hubachek Wilderness Research Center pine plantations in October 2017.

point cloud


Erickson road near Cloquet river in Independence, MN



Our mission is to advance the development and application of remote sensing and geospatial analysis to inventory and monitor natural resources and environment through research and outreach. Much of the research is conducted in cooperation with public agencies in Minnesota. In addition faculty associated with the RSGAL are actively involved with instruction and graduate education.



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